Futureproof is an innovative new housing model that will deliver beautifully designed homes in zero carbon neighbourhoods

The Futureproof housing finance model ensures everybody benefits – from investors to the supply chain to households. Futureproof is based on the principle of spreading the risk and sharing the reward across the lifecycle of new homes.
We use a genuinely collaborative model where the typical short term development margin is retained within the development, helping us to create much more attractive and sustainable neighbourhoods, enhancing demand and sales rates and ultimately providing a more robust, long-term return for investors.
Futureproof uses Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), employs advanced digital platforms, and includes active energy technology and data-monitoring systems to deliver new homes in weeks rather than months. This high level of productivity and precision creates certainty for investors who stand to benefit from a consistent level of return over the lifetime of the development.
Householders can buy or rent higher quality, zero-emission homes that are designed to adapt to their longer-term needs. Furthermore, if household income changes, the unique flexible ownership model can change with it, ensuring much needed tenure security.

Core Principles

While every Futureproof development will have its unique character, they will all be guided by the Futureproof core principles.

Zero Carbon Buildings and Neighbourhoods

Futureproof homes will be operationally net zero carbon, with a highly efficient building envelope. They will be oriented to make the most of heat and light from the Sun and to maximise the use of solar energy technologies. Furthermore, the off-site precision build of the homes will dramatically reduce embodied carbon and help minimise construction waste.

Zero Carbon Transport

Futureproof sites are designed to prioritise pedestrians and cyclists with safe, walkable and cyclable streets and spaces. Electric vehicle charging provision will be the norm across the sites within dedicated, easily accessible mobility hubs. Safe cycle storage, initiatives like car clubs and early adoption of autonomous vehicles will all encourage residents out of their cars and into more sustainable modes of transport.

Habitable, Affordable, Flexible

Futureproof homes will be designed to be accessible, adaptable and flexible with lifetime living in mind. Homes will be configured for different lifestyle choices, with additional provision of social spaces, work spaces and multigenerational living options. They will be designed to be fully adapted to future changes in the climate while continuing to provide a high quality, healthy living environment.

Robust and Replicable

Futureproof homes will be precision manufactured off-site with a modular, adaptable design and will come with a 75-year warranty. The scale at which futureproof operates ensures efficiency and productivity are optimised, whilst ensuring sufficient design flexibility to meet local design and planning aspirations.

Positive Ecological and Biodiversity Credentials

Futureproof developments will be dominated by high quality green space, with homes sitting within areas filled with native trees, shrubs and plants. Designed with wildlife in mind, the schemes will improve biodiversity, creating abundant and attractive landscapes for all to enjoy.

Why Invest in Futureproof?


Help us shape the future and make it Futureproof

There is an immediate opportunity for an investor to help us shape Futureproof and be a key part of the Futureproof success story.

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