We are a collaborative, forward thinking developer that creates net zero, sustainable, mixed use communities as standard.

Our communities are designed around the highest quality buildings with lifetime warranties, integrated tenures (to improve accessibility and meet lifetime housing requirements), and giving all residents / occupiers a stake in the future management of the community. We are keen to:

Acquire sites and / or work jointly with public or private landowners to deliver new communities with a positive legacy

Identify long term investor partners interested in real, measurable ESG-focused benefits and robust returns

Work with the public sector to deliver Futureproof communities and create genuine, local, green growth opportunities

If you are interested in any of aspects above, we would be keen to discuss further.


We can buy land outright – offering a competitive land value, upfront and more quickly, with a lower overall planning risk and a more valuable and positive legacy.

Alternatively, we are very happy to discuss other, different forms of joint venture, with the potential to enhance values and returns over time.


We know that institutional investors need better, demonstrably sustainable new communities in which to invest, because the current market simply does not supply them.

Futureproof creates higher quality, higher performance assets that grow in value over the long term and meet these requirements.

We also establish a digitally driven, long term financial and management approach to disrupt the traditional status quo, introduce new ways of meeting housing demand, whilst creating returns with impact.


We are changing the way new communities are designed, financed, delivered, owned and operated. Better quality zero carbon housing, delivered more efficiently, using significant, new, long term private investment to deliver real climate change.

Working with local authorities and other public agencies we are keen to exploit the opportunities for new economic development through off-site / advance manufactured construction (MMC), data/digital solutions and energy technology, to create jobs and wealth at a local level.


Our clear mission is to transform how new communities are defined in terms of quality, mix of uses, community-led management, all within a robust, ESG outcome focused, framework. We are changing the way new communities are delivered – to extract fairer profits, and secure better long term returns & value for both investors and residents – and our collaborative joint venture has the wide ranging skills, experience and expertise to make this happen.

If you’d like to get involved or learn more about what we do, we’d be delighted to hear from you. Please get in touch with us.