About us

The Team

Futureproof is a collaborative partnership, bringing together a diverse team of experts to develop innovative, dynamic, and responsive development programmes.

Led by Daedalus Environmental Limited, the partnership includes Swan Housing Group, Haven Gateway Partnership and Homes England.  The extended Expert Advisory Team includes SQW, Clifton Emery Design, Burges Salmon, CampbellReith and Gardiner & Theobald.

Why Futureproof?

Our view is that by redistributing the value created through homebuilding and creating new value by reducing waste, increasing speed and adopting innovative technologies and approaches, we can offer a genuine, viable route to accelerated zero carbon development. Development profit is redistributed through the supply chain and used to directly incentivise accelerated delivery and higher build quality. The result is much greater environmental performance and measurable positive social impact under a transparent and co-ordinated governance structure.

Our Approach to Delivery

Ours is a high performing collaborative delivery approach, modelled on the established ‘Project13’ framework, devised by the ICE and Infrastructure Client Group. This model facilitates much better division and ownership of risk, and creates an incentivises reward based on the proven delivery of outcomes which align with both Futureproof and investor objectives.

Daedalus Environmental Limited

Founded in 2010, Daedalus Environmental delivers sustainability solutions to the built environment sector, including consultancy, programme design and project delivery services.

The Daedalus team has extensive experience in sustainable building design, the low carbon and renewable energy economy, carbon reduction projects and associated project financing and has been involved in the design of over 400 residential development projects to date. The company continues to advise local and regional government on residential projects, technologies and solutions, and is retained by many of the plc developers to provide consultancy support.

Daedalus Environmental is the founder of the Futureproof approach and is leading the Core Team in its development.

Swan Housing Group

For over 25 years, Swan Housing Group has provided high-quality affordable homes, creating thriving communities for those who need it most. Primarily operating across East London and Essex, Swan manages over 11,500 homes including social rent, shared ownership, NHS accommodation and supported schemes.

Swan has always been a regenerating landlord and currently has a secured development pipeline of over 8,000 new homes, a large proportion of which will be produced offsite at Swan’s own offsite modular housing factory. Here, new homes are precision engineered to be environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.

About so much more than just bricks and mortar, Swan transform the communities in which it works by investing in these communities and the residents. As well as high quality public realm, community spaces and high-quality homes, Swan delivers life changing services such as training and employment support and community engagement and activities, on top of a quality property management service. It is this holistic approach that has earned Swan a reputation as one of the UK’s leading regeneration housing associations as well as a host of prestigious awards.

Swan is an integral part of the futureproof concept, providing the sustainable modular homes produced off-site in its factory operation.

Haven Gateway Partnership

Haven Gateway Partnership (HGP) is a non-profit public-private partnership body established in 2001, focussed on the delivery of sustainable economic growth, including the acceleration of high-quality new housing and placemaking.

A vehicle for cooperation, the HGP supports partners through evidence backed advocacy and programme delivery. This includes the recent £7.4m I-Construct project which supports SMEs in the construction and the built environment sector to improve productivity, sustainability and social impact through innovation.

HGP has been supporting the development of the futureproof concept in collaboration with Daedalus Environmental and continues to help manage the realisation of Futureproof’s ESG investment benefits.

Homes England

Homes England is a non-departmental public body sponsored by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government. It exists to accelerate the delivery of housing across England and is one of the largest public sector landowners in the country.

To ensure that more people in England have access to better homes, Homes England intervenes in the market to get more homes built where they are needed, accelerating delivery, tackling market failure where it occurs and helping to shape a more resilient and diverse housing market.

Homes England is a collaborative partner within the Futureproof team, with an interest in the opportunity the project presents to bring innovative solutions to the market.


SQW’s RICS-accredited Land and Property team provides development consultancy services to help create successful places, projects and programmes. Established in 1983, the team has a long track record of advising local authorities, government agencies, landowners and developers across the UK and has been appointed to a number of frameworks, including the Homes England Economics and Property and Multi-Disciplinary Panels.

Recent examples of SQW’s work include the preparation of Full Business Case and development viability modelling for a Garden Village of 2500 homes and 14Ha of employment land in the East of England; strategic development and delivery advice, viability modelling and review and viability support through the planning process for a 2700 home development in south west London; and the preparation of Full Business Case, viability analysis and socio-economic analysis for a 3000 home and 40000sqm employment development in Oxford.

SQW has completed extensive financial modelling for Futureproof, both during the proof-of-concept phase and the subsequent programme development and delivery. The advice and insight given has been invaluable to the development of the Futureproof approach.

Clifton Emery Design

Clifton Emery Design is a multidisciplinary placemaking specialist with expertise in urban design, master planning, architecture, and landscape. Its approach balances the competing needs of development, ensuring schemes are inspiring, sustainable, environmentally aware, technically sound and commercially astute.

The Clifton Emery team has worked on a number of complex award-winning projects that range from visioning and strategic master planning to the design of individual streets and detailed public realm schemes.

Clifton Emery is delivering the masterplanning for futureproof, working in association with Philip Kassanis. Philip was lead masterplanner at Mountford Pigott before setting up as a consultant & researcher in the fields of architecture and urbanism.

Burges Salmon

Burges Salmon is an award-winning, multi-disciplinary real estate sector group that provides core and specialist legal services to those developing, investing, asset managing, funding or advising in the UK real estate sector.

The company focuses on a range of industry sectors and asset types including offices, retail, industrial and logistics, housing, healthcare, energy, hotels, student accommodation and government and infrastructure.

Burges Salmon is the legal and tax advisors for Futureproof and have helped fine tune the detail of the concept to ensure its legal compliance.


CampbellReith is an independent multidisciplinary engineering practice, providing structural, civil, environmental, geotechnical and highways & transport consultancy services from five UK offices and overseas. The company’s projects cover a broad range of sectors: commercial, education, health, industrial, residential, regeneration, retail, defence, sport and leisure.

Working as the infrastructure engineers for Futureproof, CampbellReith is providing geotechnical, energy, drainage and transport strategies

Gardiner & Theobald

Gardiner & Theobald is an independent construction and property consultancy delivering Cost Management, Project Management and Specialist Consultancy for the built environment.

The company focusses on minimising risk and creating opportunities to maximise the value of its clients’ developments and property assets. It delivers Project Leadership, Commercial Success, Construction Excellence and Specialist Consultancy working across all sectors of the built environment.

G&T’s people are some of the most respected and highly trained in the industry. They ensure that they remain leaders in their field by investing in learning and development for everyone across the firm.

G&T is the quantity surveyor for Futureproof, providing vital input for the cost modelling.