Public Sector

We are keen to work with local authorities and public agencies to roll out Futureproof developments to deliver real solutions and green economic growth opportunities

Local Investment

Futureproof Communities are delivered using funds from long term place-based impact investors. These funds are far more interested in securing local, social and environmental benefits than traditional development. Gone is the short-termism of the volume developer – and as a result our communities are much more aligned to local government needs and aspirations.

Housing Need

We are not bound by the standard approach to development. We don’t need to generate the same level of short term profit. We can therefore build better quality, climate adapted, zero carbon homes, 60% more quickly than traditional development, across four different tenures tailored to meet local need.

Retaining People

Futureproof Communities are mixed use and built at scale to offer multiple local opportunities – and technology – to support opportunities for live, work and play. Combined with the quality and high performance of development, we are able to attract and retain people within locally embedded, sustainable communities.

Local Plan Alignment

We view the current planning system as democratic, considered and essential. We take this view because we are confident that Futureproof Communities exceed the design and performance standards and quality considerations of every current local plan. We want to work closely with, and are keen to provide the necessary resources to support, local planning teams: our approach is collaborative not combative – and as such we will never undertake speculative applications or undertake planning appeals. If it’s reached the need to appeal, we’ve done something wrong.


Futureproof Communities are delivered by a collaborative joint venture of well-established, expert and experienced partner companies with substantial institutional investment backing and a proven track record in the sector. We all share a passion for creating vibrant and sustainable new communities with real value.

If you’d like to get involved or learn more about what we do, we’d be delighted to hear from you. Please get in touch with us.